Spring cleaning hacks for your Seattle apartment

Everyone’s apartment gets dirty eventually, even if you’re the cleanest person on the planet who makes everyone take their shoes off at the door and has a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Spending hours cleaning an apartment isn’t something everyone enjoys, and there are several ways to reduce the time it takes to keep an apartment clean, as well as how often you have to break out the vacuum or feather duster.

Here are some innovative cleaning hacks that can help you spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your beautiful North Seattle apartment.

Don’t Spend an Entire Weekend Cleaning the Microwave

We’re all guilty of putting something in the microwave that ends up splattering everything on the inside. How often do we take a cloth to wipe down the mess right after microwaving that food? It’s time to eat, not clean, right?

Unfortunately, just a few splatter sessions in the microwave can result in a layer of cement-like food particles that won’t come off the walls of the microwave without several minutes – or even hours – of effort.

For Rent has an ingenious solution for cleaning a microwave with built-up food on the interior:

“…fill a microwave-safe bowl with soapy water, and microwave on high for one minute. The resultant steam will seep into the food residue, making a quick wipe-down much more effective for cleaning the microwave.”

Putting a plate cover inside the microwave, so it’s ready to use at any time, can also reduce the amount of food and grease that ends up on the walls of the microwave. Cleaning a plastic cover in the sink is a lot easier than cleaning the inside of a microwave.

Employ a Knife to Clean Small Space Like a Vent

A vacuum can’t fit into every space, and your hand and a rag might not fit into some spaces you need to clean, either. Places, where dirt and dust can build up over time and create havoc, include ceiling vents, the areas around windows, and the indentations and curves in wooden furniture.

The Live Lovely blog offers a really convenient solution for getting small spaces clean:

“Take a clean towel and moisten it with warm water (avoid using too much water, as it can cause rust), then wrap it around a butter knife to create an excellent tool for getting between the shingles. Make sure to hit all the vents in your apartment – even the ceiling vents.”

As long as you don’t use too much force with the knife and the cleaning cloth, you shouldn’t see any damage result from the process. However, if you’re nervous about getting a small space clean, you can always employ a plastic butter knife and buy an inexpensive, 99-cent face cloth for the job.

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