Happy Family in North Seattle

Living in an apartment is something many recent graduates from high school and college do, but it’s also something millions of families and older adults engage in for the various benefits apartment living offers. If you’re trying to figure out whether to buy a house or live in an apartment complex when you move to Seattle, here are a few benefits of living in an apartment that may convince you to choose one.

Can a Family Find Happiness in an Apartment?

Many families dream of homeownership and believe it’s the best option for a family, but living in an apartment can offer families some excellent benefits. The idea of having a spacious yard for the kids and the dog to romp around in is one of the first reasons people list when they talk about getting a house, but those features are available in some apartment buildings.

Further, living in an apartment can offer children some excellent options for making friends and having friends who can play in the apartment’s playground that’s just a short walk away from the family’s apartment.

Zillow reveals:

“Your child’s best friend could be just a floor away. Rather than commuting to a scheduled play date, children in apartment buildings simply race up the stairs and knock on their friend’s door.”

Apartment living for kids can offer a safe environment, too, because children who make friends with other families in the same building can walk to school together or ride the bus together. Families who barbecue together on the weekends from the apartment community’s common area can also keep an eye on one another’s kids and apartments, just like a neighborhood watch in a community of single-family homes.

Apartments Offer Less Expensive Everything

Not only can an apartment offer a family the chance to live in a desirable area near school and work, but apartment living can also help the family save money in several different ways. For example, the cost of living in an apartment will often sit below that of a house because some utilities are usually bundled into rent.

Additionally, living in an apartment often requires renter’s insurance, which is usually pretty inexpensive, while owning a house tends to require homeowners insurance, which can add a significant amount of money to the family’s monthly expenditures. Overall, utilities tend to cost less in apartments, and a family will probably only pay an equal amount in an apartment for things like cable television, satellite TV, and landline phone service.

Living in an apartment can offer a rewarding experience for families, couples, and individuals, and it’s an option to consider each time you move to a new town or experience a significant life change like a marriage, new child, or new job.

Experience the Advantages of Apartment Living in Seattle at Linden Square

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