How to Quickly Organize for Your North Seattle Apartment Move



Seattle Apartment Complex Crystal Clear Pool

One of the projects you may put off until the last minute is getting rid of anything you can't fit, won't use or don't need any more in your new apartment in North Seattle. We all have collections of stuff we don't really use anymore, and it's okay to have a few boxes of treasures sitting at the back of the closet. Unfortunately, stuff can take over your life if you aren't careful, and it's…

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Awesome Cleaning Hacks to Speed Clean Your North Seattle Apartment



Spring cleaning hacks for your Seattle apartment

Everyone's apartment gets dirty eventually, even if you're the cleanest person on the planet who makes everyone take their shoes off at the door and has a place for everything, and everything in its place. Spending hours cleaning an apartment isn't something everyone enjoys, and there are several ways to reduce the time it takes to keep an apartment clean, as well as how often you have to break out the vacuum or feather duster.…

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Top 8 Foodie Spots Around Your North Seattle Apartment



Foodie Spots Near North Seattle Apartments

A list of the best restaurants in Seattle will always be a somewhat subjective list, but if you’re a foodie, you probably find some excitement in trying new restaurants near your apartment. Having a few, comfortable “go-to” restaurants you can rely on for great food is always a good list to have in your back pocket, but so is stumbling upon a new restaurant to add to your foodie repertoire. Here are some of the…

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