Seattle Apartment with Extra Space

A spacious apartment can feel relaxing, and there are some very creative ways you can use the extra space in your home. However, living in a small space is also a lifestyle that can afford you many benefits, not the least of which is saving money each month on rent.

Here are some reasons to choose an apartment with extra space, as well as some reasons why a small apartment might offer you the best experience in your new Seattle home.

What to Do When You Have Extra Space in Your Apartment

You may feel that an extra bedroom is a luxury you can’t afford, but there are many ways to enjoy the extra space, as well as make it a somewhat useful addition to your lifestyle. You might turn it into a home office or rent it out as a short-term rental (with your landlord’s permission, of course).

Forbes offers an interesting idea for an extra room that doesn’t have a window or which only has a limited amount of natural light:

“But if you’re dealing with a windowless or dark room, it will never look light. White paint in this situation risks appearing gray and dull — so go the other way with a bold, moody or quirky look.”

One area where natural light is often scarce is a walk-in closet, and some enterprising apartment dwellers turn their large closets into small study areas or tiny home offices. Painting the closet in a bright or exciting color – or even putting some colorful wallpaper on a wall or two – can make even the tiniest spaces seem comfortable and fun.

Living in a Small Apartment Without Extra Space

Searching for a large apartment is common for families, as well as apartment dwellers who expect to live in the residence with a roommate or a significant other. However, there are a variety of benefits a renter may experience in a smaller apartment.

Not only can a smaller residence represent a savings each month on rent, but it can also make it easier to live closer to work or school where the population might be higher and the housing geared more toward small, urban apartments than palatial residences.

MSN offers one of the best facets of living in a small apartment:

“One of the benefits of small homes we can probably all get behind is that there’s less to clean! It’s easier to keep on top of cleaning a small home, your cleaning products will go further, and you’ll have more time for other things – like new and creative ways to make the most of your space.”

If you hate cleaning, and you’d rather spend your weekends outside rather than cleaning your apartment, a residence without a ton of extra room and extra surfaces to clean can offer you the best residential experience.

Conversely, if you feel that a small apartment might make you feel cramped or that the lack of extra space will wreak havoc with your possessions, living in a large apartment can come with virtually all the perks of living in a single-family home but with none of the downsides like conducting your own maintenance.

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