Make Your Seattle Apartment Party Pop

Some couples throw amazing parties that everyone wants to attend each year, but other people aren’t so experienced in creating memorable get-togethers. When you add the notion of entertaining in an apartment, you usually end up having to face several additional issues that you might not face in a single-family home.

Everything from space to parking to seating becomes a problem to solve in an apartment-based party. However, apartment dwellers can indeed create memorable gatherings, even if their square footage is nothing more than a studio or a living room with a loft. Remember these techniques the next time you plan a party in your Seattle apartment.

Remove the Clutter for the Party

Unless you’re throwing a housewarming party, your guests probably aren’t going to show up just to see your apartment. They’ll show up to eat, have fun, and commiserate, and they’ll need enough space to accomplish those simple goals. Removing the rarely-used items and extra pieces of decor from the common spaces of your apartment can help you create more space, even if the space is just a temporary change.

Real Simple suggests:

“Put non-essential décor and general clutter away… Stash it in closets, under your bed, or even at a neighbor’s. Your bathroom should be spotless and free of your personal toiletries for the party. The rest of your house doesn’t need to be immaculate, but it should be dust-free. If you have pets, vacuum your upholstery, too.”

You might have to shove some extra items in your closets for the duration of your party, but your guests will probably enjoy having enough room to mill about and wander around without knocking over decorations.

Tip: Removing your decorative pieces from your end tables and coffee table (and any other horizontal surfaces) can help you provide space for people to put their drinks and food down. Tossing a few coasters on each of your tables should help reduce the likelihood of condensation rings.

Invite People to Bring Food, or Have Your Food Delivered

Even the most adept party-givers don’t always cook everything on the menu. Some dishes take forever, and giving your guests an amazing dessert sometimes takes a little extra talent than the average home chef possesses. You may wish to order a dish or two for your party that will help you spend less time in the kitchen.

In most supermarkets, you’ll find ready-made platters filled with vegetables, cheeses, and finger foods, and these plates are ideal for giving to your guests before the main dinner is ready. You can also prepare meals ahead of time, so all you need to do is put the pot of soup on the stove or place the pasta in the oven.

Zip Car’s blog reveals:

“Sure, we’re all foodies at heart. But that won’t stop us from being happy with finger foods—and it’ll make your job as the host much easier.

Serve up the quintessential platters (crackers, cheese, vegetables) and prep the oven for some appetizers (mini quiches, samosas, or pizzettes). Nix anything that requires utensils. Not only will it save you from washing endless forks, or putting plastic ones in the landfill, but it’ll prevent your guests from struggling with a flimsy paper plate and a slice of lasagna while standing over your carpet.”

Unless you’re hosting a formal dinner party in your apartment, there’s no need to stress over the menu for your party. You have many options for providing easily-prepared food for your family.

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