Seattle skyline and waterfront

Like any other major metropolitan area, Seattle and its surrounding communities have a character that is unique, as well as all the expected features of any large metropolis. Many people know Seattle as the home of tech giants like Microsoft, and the region also has a reputation for its outdoor-friendly environment and its nearby mountain ranges.

If you’re new to Seattle, or you’re thinking of moving to the region, here are some of the things to know before you relocate.

Seattle has Awesome Summers

Seattle has a bad reputation for its rain, but the region actually sees some absolutely incredible summers.

According to Smart Asset:

“Seattle has the country’s best summers. They’re warm and dry, with low humidity and lots of sunshine. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy the many natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, like Olympic National Park or the San Juan Islands.”

Apparently, the only bad thing about Seattle summers is that they are sometimes too brief before the colder weather arrives and the clouds begin to reappear with regularity. Winter days are also pretty short because of the northern location of the region.

Tip: Learn to live like a native by carrying layers. You never know when you’ll need to break out the flannel in the middle of “Juneuary,” which is what locals call June when it’s gray all month.

Seattle has Some Fierce Traffic

Like just about any other major city, Seattle is inundated with some really terrible traffic. If you rely solely on an automobile for transportation, you might find yourself experiencing some hefty commutes. If you couldn’t imagine living without your car and you’re not in a highly efficient model, you might want to consider trading your vehicle in for a hybrid or a vehicle with ultra-high mileage.

According to Seattle Magazine:

“Despite improvements (such as more light rail), we’re still in transition, and road geography will never make it easier. Learn to love the bus, move into a walkable neighborhood or, if you’re brave and hearty, join Seattle’s throngs of bike riders. Leave your car behind.”

Understanding the issues that you may have with traffic may influence your decision when it comes to choosing an apartment. You might find the “perfect” place on one side of town, but will you love that apartment if you have to spend an hour in the car each morning to get to work?

Take a Tour of the City

If you’re just moving to Seattle for the first time, you might want to act like a tourist for the first few months. Go on guided tours, visit the national parks, and explore the different neighborhoods around town.

You’ll probably find many things to love about Seattle, and your knowledge of the city will help you lead the most productive and happy life you can while living in the Emerald City.

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