Halloween in Your North Seattle Neighborhood

Although the unofficial start of fall begins on Labor Day, and the true start of fall begins later in September, it isn’t until October and the arrival of the Halloween season that we really see the colors of autumn come alive in the form of festive wreaths, “pumpkin spice everywhere,” and Halloween decorations.

One of the drawbacks of living in an apartment – particularly if you have children – is that you don’t often get to walk outside your door and trick-or-treat with the neighbors. A night spent trick-or-treating often means traveling to a nearby neighborhood with single-family homes.

However, there are actually tons of events happening throughout October and on Halloween that can create some extra fun this season no matter where you live. If you’re looking for fun in North Seattle this Halloween around your apartment, here are a few events you may wish to check out this year.

Party Like It’s the 20th Century

Halloween parties with a theme can offer an excellent way to celebrate Halloween because they’re a chance for you to create or buy a different costume than the one you’ve used for the past five years. You might like the ease of dressing up like a convict or a ghost or a witch each year, but you might try something new this Halloween with a Halloween-themed speakeasy party.

Seattle Refined explains:

“Celebrate Halloween at the greatest speakeasy in town! A party that takes place over three nights, there will be performances from zombie flappers, mummies, and more! Come dressed in your best ’20s gear. The party will happen on Friday, Oct. 27, Saturday, Oct. 28 and Tuesday, Oct. 31. Tickets are $40.”

If you already have a costume you’ve been wearing for years and you’re loathe to give it up, you can modify the costume slightly to accommodate the costuming requirements of the party.

Pick a Pumpkin Yourself

Most grocery stores will stock tons of pumpkins for Halloween, as well as for Thanksgiving in November when everyone will be making pumpkin pie to serve with their turkey dinners. If you’ve always simply walked into the store to buy your pumpkin, this could be the year where you go pick your own pumpkin.

Americans and Halloween celebrators all over the world have made “jack-o-lanterns” for many years, and the tradition began after the spread of an Irish folktale about a man named “Stingy Jack” who cheated death twice and was cursed to roam the earth for all eternity.

You’ve already gone apple picking, right? Why not go pumpkin picking next? You don’t necessarily have to carve the pumpkin into something scary. Toasting some pumpkin seeds is a fine way to use the pumpkin you pick at a local Seattle farm.

Greater Seattle on the Cheap shares some sage advice:

“Be sure to visit the farm’s website before you head out to confirm information such as operating hours, methods of payment, where to park, and what to bring (if anything).”

The website also offers a great list of local pumpkin patches around Seattle, so you can choose one that’s convenient to your Seattle apartment or which should offer the most fun in pumpkin picking this year.

Find an Awesome Seattle Apartment for Your Family This Halloween

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