Save Money at Your North Seattle Apartment

Living in an apartment comes with some cool perks like access to amenities you wouldn’t normally have in a single-family home unless you lived in a luxury gated community. Residing in a North Seattle apartment may come with some simple ways to reduce your monthly bills, which can help you save money for the future, a vacation, or another major purchase in your life.

Here are a few tasks and projects to consider to reduce the size of your monthly North Seattle apartment budget.

Save Money While Saving the Planet

While it’s often difficult to make large changes to an apartment because you don’t own the property and have signed a lease regarding your behavior, it’s still possible to make some modifications that aren’t permanent to the apartment and which help save money and energy each month.

For example, the simple and entirely reversible project of displacing water in your toilet tank can help you save water every time you flush. This method of saving water can offer an exceptional way to save money if you are responsible for paying your water bill each month and if your toilet isn’t one of the new “low flow” or high-efficiency models.

How Stuff Works explains:

“Displace Water in Your Toilet Tank Find a plastic bottle. Fill it with gravel. Place it in your toilet tank. You can leave this for the next tenant or take it with you.”

Techniques you can use that leave no visible or lasting impact on your apartment are best when you have a lease where you can’t make changes like putting paint on the walls or changing out major appliances.

Eliminate Redundancies in Your Monthly Bills

Over time, we accumulate monthly payments and services that seem useful at first but that we forget about because of automatic debits and changing lifestyles. Every so often, your budget may benefit from a few minutes spent looking at the bills you pay each month. Do you have a Hulu subscription and a monthly Netflix subscription?

If you also have cable or satellite television, as well as other media-type subscriptions, you may be able to eliminate some of those accounts to save money. You probably won’t save a ton of money in a single month, but the amount you’d spend over the course of a year can add up to a fairly significant amount of money.

Tip: Calculate your bills by the money they cost in a year rather than what they cost each month. You may find it easier to eliminate subscriptions when you see how much they cost you over time. Even better, you can add up the overall amount you’ve paid since you started the subscription and determine whether you use it enough to warrant paying the bill each month.

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