North Seattle Apartment Hunting

Finding the ideal apartment usually requires a search that’s more in-depth than a quick look at what’s available for rent on Craigslist or a similar internet website. Factors like location, size, budget, and amenities will all come into play, particularly when you’re looking for an apartment that isn’t your first apartment and which might be home to a spouse, pet, or the stuff you’ve collected over the last decade. Here are some tips to help you on your Seattle apartment search.

Look for Freebies and Rental Rebates

The rental price you see online might not represent what you’ll actually pay for your new apartment. When apartment communities have a few vacancies they’d like to fill, they often offer rent reductions and low deposits when you agree to a year lease. New apartment communities, too, often want to fill their communities as quickly as possible and will offer discounts.

Apartment List explains:

“Brand new building in the area? Don’t automatically assume you can’t afford to live there just because it’s shiny and new! Most new properties offer the first month’s rent free to all of their new tenants. Some offer additional freebies too, like parking spaces. Depending on your budget, these perks could make up a large enough cut to make that sparkly apartment perfectly affordable for you.”

Finding an apartment that offers a rate within your budget is one of the most important facets of apartment hunting, but there’s no reason to cross a particular apartment community off your list before you’ve investigated the potential cost of the lease fully.

You may also be able to score a great apartment by signing a long lease. Lease options tend to vary, and some apartment communities default to year leases while other apartments offer a month-to-month arrangement. You may be able to qualify for a luxury apartment with a lower rent if you agree to a two- or three-year lease.

Don’t Get Hung Up On a Single Amenity

You probably have a list of “must haves” for your future apartment, but finding an apartment that satisfies everything on your “must” list, as well as everything on your “nice to have” list, will probably prove an insurmountable task. There’s always something about an apartment that’s a feature you might prefer was different.

For example, you might love an apartment’s location and its amenities, but the only unit available at that community might be on the bottom floor, and you’d prefer a top floor apartment. If you find an apartment that satisfies most of your list, you may wish to seriously consider putting in an application.

In many regions – Seattle included – great apartments are in high demand, and your “almost perfect” apartment might go quickly. Making major financial decisions like leasing a new apartment certainly isn’t an easy task. However, researching your budget and the amenities you would prefer can help you make a decision quickly, and without feeling you’ve been too hasty.

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