Linden Square Apartment Amenities


Making a decision about where you will call home in North Seattle involves considering many factors. You must evaluate the pros and cons of each community then decide which is best for you.  Often, the factor that tips the scale one way or the other is the amenities an apartment complex offers.

Amenities such as a fitness center, an outdoor pool, window coverings, and premium grade carpeting are on the list of comforts that people are requesting.  Linden Square in North Seattle offers these comforts plus a washer and dryer inside of every home, a deck or terrace in some homes, a heated outdoor pool, and elevators.  

How Amenities Can Change Your Life

The benefits to amenities such as these are numerous.


You can save money when your apartment community offers a fitness center and pool.  No need to pay for a gym membership or entrance to a public pool when you have these conveniences at home.


Having a dog park in your apartment complex saves you time.  You don’t need to travel to a local park to walk your dog. If your community offers childcare, time is saved on those busy mornings; won’t have to drive to the day care center.  It is right there where you live.

Less responsibility

Of course, you can get many of these amenities at a private home, but you will pay for them and must take care of them.  A pool is work; keeping chemicals right, cleaning, plus the opening and closing each year will take up time. At Linden Square, we take care of the extras, you simply enjoy them.

It will be nearly impossible to find an apartment community with every available amenity, but the worth of several amenities will prove valuable to the developer and the renter.  

Enjoy Amenities At Your North Seattle Apartment

It is important to make of list of the amenities that are most important to you.  When searching for your North Seattle apartment home, look for a community that offers exceptional value for your money, like Linden Square.  Be sure that your new community checks off all your boxes for location, value, and the amenities that are most important to you. If you sacrifice an amenity that you really want, you may find you are not living as comfortably as you desired. In your new apartment home, you should feel safe, secure, connected and relaxed.  Those amenities are the finishing touch to the perfect place you call home. Contact us today to schedule your tour!