Seattle is one of several huge metropolises with significant investment from the nation’s tech giants, and the continuing growth and prosperity of the region have created a busy and thriving real estate market. Understanding how apartment rentals in Seattle work can help you conduct the best search for your future North Seattle apartment home.

Average Apartments are Smaller in Seattle

Although apartment communities around Seattle commonly offer one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom residences, the overall size of the average apartment in Seattle is smaller than many other major metropolitan areas.

According to an article from, the average apartment in Seattle is 711 square feet, which is actually smaller than similar apartments in Chicago and Manhattan.

“In Seattle, one-bedroom units make up most of the rental stock, and developers here preferred not to upsize and kept most of the new developments around the 700-square-foot threshold.”

Since Seattle apartments tend to offer less square footage than other locales, you can use this information when searching for apartments. If a one-bedroom residence is less than around 700 square feet, the apartment can be considered smaller than average for the region. If it’s larger than 700 square feet, you’ve likely found a more spacious residence for the area.

Interestingly, Seattle’s average apartment size is several hundred feet less than Tallahassee, Florida, which gives its residents a healthy 1,038 square feet, on average, for its apartments.

Consider Eco-Friendly Apartments & Amenities

The most crucial benefit of an eco-friendly lifestyle is the reduction of resources used to sustain a home. One of the most valuable secondary benefits is the lowering of costs associated with living in an apartment.

Making just a few minor changes may have an impressive impact on the amount of money you can save on things like utilities and regular purchases for your North Seattle apartment.

Some new structures in cities like Seattle and the surrounding region have been built with environmentally friendly practices and materials, and you can ask the staff at any apartment community you tour about the eco-friendly features of the apartment.

According to the owner of an eco-friendly apartment community in the state of New York:

“People just like the fact that where they’re living is not contributing to harming the environment, and in addition, they’re just nice apartments.”

However, you don’t have to find an apartment that’s completely net-zero in its carbon footprint to enjoy the benefits of a green lifestyle. Look for these amenities at your apartment:

  • LED lights that dramatically reduce the amount of money paid on electricity.
  • Bicycle racks that make it easy to bicycle to work or get exercise on the weekend.
  • Updated appliances that are Energy Star rated and designed to use very little energy.

You may want to make a list of questions to ask your future apartment leasing agent so that you can compare the eco-friendly installations and amenities offered by each community.

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