Decluttering Your North Seattle Apartment

Even if you focus on clearing the clutter in your North Seattle apartment on a regular basis, you may find yourself dealing with messes and crowded rooms around your home. We all seem to accumulate stuff over time, and a combination of buying things we don’t absolutely need and the lack of attention paid to selling or donating items we don’t use anymore contributes to cluttered, crowded homes.

If you haven’t “purged” your home in many years of the clutter you don’t need, and all you’ve done recently is vacuumed and dusted as part of a spring cleaning plan, there are a few tasks you can add to your routine to reduce the clutter and buildup in your home. You may wish to add these projects to your list of yearly responsibilities to keep your home as clean as possible.

Adopt a Healthy Recycling Habit at Your Apartment

It’s not uncommon to have a few magazines hanging around, some old mail you have yet to go through, and other pieces of paper ephemera on your counters. Unfortunately, a few stacks of old mail can become a significant problem when you never get rid of anything paper-based because you still need to “go through” it.

Bustle recommends:

“Be all about that recycling… [Prevent] paper from coming in by keeping a small recycling bin just inside… your front door to get rid of junk mail instantly… Also, consider going digital when it comes to things like bank statements and receipts.”

Recycle Paper Products-Declutter ApartmentHere are a few habits you can adopt as you begin to recycle your paper stuff on a regular basis.

  1. Make sure you have a place to put recycling that’s easy to take out to your car to the recycling center or toss in the recycling bin at your apartment community.
  2. Switch all your bills and regular mail to digital delivery. You can even get digital magazines by getting copies delivered to your tablet computer.
  3. Purchase an external drive and a scanner to save your documents in digital form. You can digitize just about everything you receive and keep it forever on a tiny disc drive.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Few Drawers of Mismatched Stuff

When you begin organizing everything after you’ve eliminated all the stuff you don’t need, you may find that some of the things you own is useful but doesn’t need an entire drawer or a large plastic bin for storage. It’s okay to fill a drawer or two with some random items that don’t really have a specific place or that you’d like to have on hand in a convenient drawer in the kitchen.

Apartment Therapy explains:

“Every household has those little things — pens, tape, twist ties, whatnot — that get used a lot but don’t really have any logical place to go. Instead of agonizing over finding a home for every little thing, keep a junk drawer. The last few little bits of clutter get swept in there, and you’re done.”

Most families have a “junk drawer,” and having one in your apartment doesn’t mean you have to live in a mess of clutter just because you have a drawer of pens, tape, and little knickknacks.

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