Seattle Apartments Great for Newlyweds

Seattle apartments can help couples make the decision to move in together an easy one. Aside from that, many newlyweds have a dream of owning a home at some point. It’s common for couples to move into a new apartment together before their nuptials, and then save up for a house during and after their wedding.

Monetary gifts from family and actively saving for a down payment can hasten the process of going from apartment dweller to homeowner. However, there are several reasons that newlyweds might actually be happier in an apartment for several years after they say “I do.” Here are a few.

Seattle Apartments Provide a Flexible Option Early in a Marriage

The concept of “putting down roots” as a homeowner is tempting because it signals the start of a new life with your significant other. However, buying a house does come with some inflexibility as far as moving, and relocating are concerned.

Sure, you can always sell your house and move to another one in a different location, but the process of selling a house is hugely more expensive and time-consuming than simply informing your landlord of your intention to move out at the end of your lease. reveals:

“Unlike renters, homeowners can’t just get up and move because of a job transfer or dislike of the area. They need to sell the home in order to move, which entails hiring a listing agent, combing through offers, await contingency periods, and hope the buyer’s financing can be secured.”

Sometimes, it may be beneficial to live in an apartment until one or both people in the marriage are settled in their careers, or you decide to start a family. Waiting to buy a house until after you’ve had a child can also be beneficial since it can give you a better idea of how much room you need with a larger family.

Living in an Apartment Might Be Cheaper

It’s not always cheaper to live in an apartment 100 percent of the time, but it frequently allows you to put aside savings for activities like vacations, major purchases, and emergency funds. One of the most important things you can do as an adult – and one with a spouse – is to have an emergency fund.

While living in an apartment, you may have fewer bills, and your rent might be lower than a mortgage payment. If you live in an apartment for a few years, you can focus on putting some money aside for an unexpected emergency, so a large bill won’t send you into debt early in your marriage.

Not counting investments or retirement funds, it’s usually a good idea to have a savings account that holds enough money to pay for all your expenses for at least three months. Some experts actually recommend six months, because you never know how long an injury that puts you out of work might last, or how long it might take to find a job after being laid off.

Start Your New Life at Linden Square in Seattle

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